There is a Story Only You Can Tell

If you are still here on the planet - you have won.

Simply surviving the challenges this life offers is something to be celebrated.


 Many have come and gone without having the opportunity to share and preserve their story.

Their wisdom and history passed with them.

The fact that you are here means your life was important.

Everything you created and endured contains meaning and lessons that can benefit others.

Sharing the practices and beliefs that have served you well may be exactly what your

descendants will need to hear now, along with decades from now.

Let us capture you, in a fun and conversational manner, and insure that all of your brilliance

can be enjoyed for generations to come.

While we want to give first priority to those who have wrapped up most of their story,

our services are also appropriate for each and every phase of life.

Capturing your current life experience and mindset will be as priceless down the road.

Because each person is unique - each video compilation will be unique.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to create your masterpiece.

Our mission at The Gift of Memories is to capture and preserve personal wisdom.

Each and every person has information to share that will delight,

comfort, and inform future generations.

It is our job to weave it all into a digital form that will last for the ages.

Our business was started in 2019, and is based in Lincoln, Nebraska.