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Lights, Cameras, Action

It takes many pieces of modern technology to do what we do at The Gift of Memories. We have fancy lights, multiple cameras, and a super cool microphone, but the work doesn't start once the lights flip on. It starts much sooner.

The most important work we do starts prior to the interview day. We meet with our clients to deliver question forms about their life, making it easy to get all details together before the cameras start to roll. Having days to contemplate personal favorites and key life points helps each client form their unique narrative. It is important to us that no one feels uncomfortable or put on the spot on interview day. During this visit we can discuss the areas that the client may want to highlight, as well as the areas that the client would rather not include.

Prior to the interview day we also collect the photographs chosen to be interwoven into the story. These photographs are meticulously inventoried and stored in a fireproof/waterproof envelope, digitized, and returned the day of the interview.

On the day of the interview we arrive and set up the lighting that shows the client at their best, along with multiple cameras so we have more than one angle. What follows is a fun and informative conversation that turns into digital gold. This gold must be spun into the final product, which is not small undertaking.

Olson Media handles all our filming and film editing. They take all of this wonderful raw material, map it out, cut it up, add music and additional information, and reassemble into the first take, which is available online for client approval. We can make any adjustments and clarifications at this point. The process is highly technical, but also very artistic. Each story will have a feel that is specific to the person we interview.

Once we receive final approval the video is uploaded on the internet, copies are burned on DVDs and USB cards. The masterpiece is hand delivered in a keepsake wooden box.

All in all, it takes more than 30 tracked process points from the moment a project is booked until the box is delivered. We are obsessive about the quality of product and experience that we deliver. We'd love for you or yours to enjoy an experience that will pay off for generations to come.


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