We are living in interesting times.
The virus kept us apart, and is still not resolved.
I am triple vaccinated and ready with a mask.
We can also explore online options for your interview.
We will do whatever it takes to be safe and keep the process joyful.

Let's work together to determine which parts of your life you most want to capture
using our Gift of Memories Questionnaire.
It is very important to us that the final product is a reflection of your vision.
  Each video project will result in a beautifully constructed interview,
enhanced by music, and your precious photos.
There will be a full-length video, along with shorter clips.
The videos will be available for online viewing, so they are easy to share.
All videos are delivered in a wooden keepsake box 4-6 weeks after your interview. 
Our original on-site interview packages ranged in price from $1500 to $4800.
Online interviewing will both reduce the price of packages and
expand the number of clients, as we can now work with
people in all different locations.
The different levels of pricing reflect the amount of time we will spend interviewing you, the additional content
you want to add to the video, the time spent editing, the ultimate length of the final product, and the number of copies you will receive of your video. 

We are willing to work out a specific plan for you, taking into account
that this is a completely new process for us all.